M.Sc. in Management (Full-time) – 
Managing in the Digital Economy

This full-time English-language master’s degree prepares you to take on complex management tasks in the digital age. 

In addition to general management concepts, you learn advanced analytical and research methods and select among three cross-functional specializations to develop your individual profile: Technology & Operations Management, Business Development, or Financial Advisory. Building on the breadth of its general curriculum, the degree offers you the benefits of in-demand expertise, cross-linkage with business practice, and an optional overseas semester. 

All in all, it’s an opportunity to develop a distinctive skill set for a successful launch of your career into a range of management positions within a wide array of industries.


Pursue the M.Sc. in Management over two full years, including an optional overseas semester. Or choose the Fast Track, and you will have your degree in hand after 1.5 years (available to students with a prior credit total of 210 ECTS from the bachelor's degree).

During the first two semesters, you will confront management challenges of the digital age in a series of Core Courses. You will further develop your analytical and managerial skills through rigorous training in quantitative methods as well as a semester-long Business Field Project, during which student teams solve complex business problems taken directly from practice. For the remainder of this phase, you will take four additional modules in one of three cross-functional specializations.

Standard Track
(120 ECTS)
Fast Track
(90 ECTS)
1st - 2nd Semester

Core Courses
(20 ECTS)
Management Challenges in the Digital Age      

  • Digital Business Management
  • Business Economics
  • Business Law
  • Business Ethics & Compliance

Business Analytics and Managerial Skills (20 ECTS)

  • Decision Sciences & Business Modelling
  • Statistics & Empirical Research Methods
  • Managing Individual and Team Performance
  • Business Field Project

Specializations (20 ECTS)
Select 1 out of 3 

  • - Technology & Operations Management
  • - Business Development
  • - Financial Advisory
3rd Semester Study abroad and/or 
GGS Electives (30 ECTS in total)
Advanced Research Methods and
Master's Thesis (5+25 ECTS)
4th Semester Advanced Research Methods and 
Master's Thesis (5+25 ECTS)

Semesters are divided into quarters (seven weeks of lecture, including the exam week), allowing for a compact and focused programme of studies. You have the opportunity to spend some or all of the 3rd semester overseas. You have five months' time for the master's thesis (in the Fast Track this begins in the 3rd semester), and you will be prepared for the process through an advanced course in research methods. Ideally, you will conduct your master's thesis research in cooperation with a corporate partner.


The specializations capitalize on the three core themes at GGS and support you in acquiring cross-functional expertise while developing an individual profile.

Technology & Operations Management
Innovation drives sustained business success by bringing new ideas to the market and reengineering processes to deliver superior customer value. With its foundations in information and operations management, the specialization Technology & Operations Management includes the following modules:

  • Innovation Management
  • Technology Management
  • Information Systems
  • Supply Chain Management & Global Sourcing
  • Manufacturing and Operations Management

Business Development
Entrepreneurship is more than founding a business. Entrepreneurial thinking is the way to create new business opportunities every day, and it is pivotal in the Business Development specialization, which interconnects marketing and sales, management, and leadership in the following modules:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Strategic Management
  • Human Resources Management & Labour Law
  • Sales and Customer Relationship Management
  • Marketing Management

Financial Advisory
Compliance ensures business continuity and safeguards against risk. The Financial Advisory specialization promotes business compliance by cross-linking aspects of corporate finance, accounting, corporate law, and taxation in the following modules:

  • Corporate Finance
  • Financial Markets and Asset Pricing
  • Corporate Performance and Risk Management
  • Financial Accounting
  • Corporate Law and Taxation

GGS International

Our global network of partner schools enables you to gain valuable overseas experience during the 3rd semester.

Top Reasons

Prof. Dr. Gerd J. Hahn
Professor of Operations Management and Process Innovation

“Digitalization of the economy is fundamentally disrupting the way we think about management and leadership. Digital technologies provide unprecedented opportunities for new business models. Managers need to understand the business implications and add value by structuring complex problems, developing creative solutions, and effectively leading in diverse cultural team settings. Our students will learn to address implications and challenges of the digital age as they acquire in-demand analytical and managerial skills to launch a successful career. Three distinctive specializations in the M.Sc. programme will help students tailor an individual profile while developing a comprehensive perspective on management problems, both as cross-functional experts and as emerging leaders.”

Top Reasons to study at GGS to pursue the full-time M.Sc. 

  • State-of-the-Art Content Acquire management expertise for the digital economy and in-demand skills in Technology & Operations Management, Business Development, or Financial Advisory 
  • Mastery of Problem Solving Experience the nexus of rigorous methods study and applied work on concrete business challenges, especially through integrated field projects and a practice-focused master’s thesis 
  • Individual Career Development Take advantage of career support: events with selected firms from the Region of World Market Leaders, the student-alumni mentoring programme, and job placement services
  • Fast Track Option Shorten your length of study to 1.5 years if you enter with at least 210 ECTS
  • Optional Overseas Studies Choose to go overseas to top schools for individual modules or for the entire third semester

Top Reasons to study at GGS

  • Networking from the Start Join the GGS community for stimulating professional and social events and build your own social network as a student member of the Alumni Association
  • Real-Life Learning Benefit from practical, action-based learning fuelled by insights from our faculty’s own research and their continuous dialogue with the business world
  • Faculty-student interaction Engage in the peer-learning environment of classes that never exceed 30 students, guided by our superb faculty
  • Modern Campus Take advantage of our modern infrastructure on the Campus for Lifelong Learning, the only one of its kind in Germany 
  • Generous Scholarships Receive generous scholarship support from the Dieter Schwarz Foundation


Fibaa Akkreditierung

The M.Sc. in Management (full-time) is FIBAA-accredited at 120 ECTS (Standard Track) and 90 ECTS (Fast Track). FIBAA is an internationally-oriented European accreditation agency promoting quality assurance and quality development in higher education. The agency focuses on educational programmes in economics, law, and the social sciences. FIBAA awards its seal of quality to high-quality educational programmes and institutions.

FIBAA accreditation assures that our full-time M.Sc. in Management will fulfill your requirements and that you will receive a degree that meets the highest established standards for quality.

Overview: M.Sc. in Management (full-time)

Target group Graduates with bachelor's degrees in business, economics, industrial engineering, business information systems, or similar
Intake October
Application Deadline 31 August (Applications are processed on a first come, first served basis.)
Duration 24 months (Standard Track for graduates with 180 ECTS),
18 months (Fast Track for graduates with 210 ECTS)
including the master's thesis
Tuition Every student admitted to the programme receives a generous scholarship from the Dieter Schwarz Foundation, reducing the total cost of €24,000 (Fast Track: €18,000) substantially. Further information on scholarships is available upon request.
Format Full-time
Language English

If you would like additional information or have questions about the full-time M.Sc. in Management, our staff is happy to assist you at any time. Give us a call, send us an email or make an appointment for a consultation.