Warum Kelley?

Seit mehr als 90 Jahren ist die Kelley School of Business eine der führende Business Schools in den USA. Die Kelley School bereitet ihre Studenten auf anspruchsvolle Führungsaufgaben in Wirtschaft und Politik vor, die von der erstklassigen Lehre und dem weltweiten Business-Netzwerk profitieren. Der Campus der Kelley School befindet sich im Zentrum der traditionsreichen Indiana University Bloomington in der lebhaften Studenten-Stadt Bloomington.

In den Rankings sind die Programme von Kelley stets unter den Besten der USA.

Robert Garcia

Prof. P. Roberto Garcia, Ph.D.
Clinical Professor of International Business, Kelley School of Business

»As a Kelley Professor of International Business, I am well aware that the business world today is highly cross-cultural and interconnected. I am very supportive of the Kelley Connect Week and GGS Summer Academy partnership. Kelley and GGS students not only benefit from world-class faculty and content on the partner's campus, they also have an opportunity to get a valuable cross cultural experience in the process. I stand ready to support the partnership in any way possible.«

Ana Cristina Zimmermann

Ana Cristina Zimmermann, MBA Student at GGS
»It was a unique experience both for my personal and my business skills and knowledge. I would recommend the Kelley Connect Direct Week to all MBA students at GGS to deepen their understanding of the US style of business and to profit from the great partnership of two top business schools in the US and Germany.«

Stefan Hack

Stefan Hack, MBA Student at GGS
»The Kelley Connect Week was a unique experience to apply the knowledge we gained during our MBA on a real life case which impacts the life of people of Kenya. Where and when do you have such a possibility in your life? Besides this, also the cross cultural experience as student of one of the top US business schools was terrific.«

Philipp Hoffschild

Philipp Hoffschild, MBA Student at GGS
»The Kelley Connect Week was a great intercultural experience and additional value to my GGS studies. Getting to know the American ways to deal with complex problems gave me great insight and a competitive advantage for my career. The live case competition with direct access to the top executives was an amazing learning experience.«