In addition to focusing on innovation research in the context of international research activities, the Institute for Innovation emphasizes applied and practice-oriented topics in its research projects. “How to increase innovativeness?” is the central question. Through connections to formative research, cooperation with international and national companies, and integration of teaching with pertinent questions for business practice, our graduates not only gear up for the labour market but also gain important insights into dealing with innovations in business settings.

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M.Sc. in Management – Innovation and Technology Management

In the Innovation and Technology Management track of our part-time Master of Science in Management for working professionals, you will become a technology-savvy generalist for innovation-oriented companies. Our students learn how innovation strategies are developed and how product and process innovations are successfully implemented through planning, management, and control. These channels allow businesses to realize significant competitive advantage.

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MBA: Innovation Management

The “Innovation Management” module provides an overview of the major innovation management topics as well as their integration within the context of a business. These topics include both derivation of an innovation strategy (top-down) and development of strategic issues (bottom-up). Additional topics include innovation processes with emphasis on generating and collecting ideas; establishment of organizational parameters; organizational structures for exploring radically new topics and structures for commercialization; as well as finding the right balance, business networks, online communities and managing innovation. In addition to these content-driven topics, students practise the structured application of creativity techniques and exploration methods, particularly customer-focused approaches to truly understand customers and rigorously translate this knowledge into performance. The course examines examples from business practice, particularly in small and medium-sized firms, several of which are sites for company visits and discussion of concrete scenarios.

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MBA: Germany’s Mittelstand Companies: Managing SMEs in the Heart of Europe

Dieses Modul legt den Schwerpunkt auf mittelständische Unternehmen in Deutschland. Diese bilden das Rückgrat der deutschen Exportwirtschaft und sind oft internationale Marktführer in ihren jeweiligen Marktnischen. Anhand von Inhalten aus den Bereichen Management, Marketing und Recht lernen Studierende in diesem Modul, wie mittelständische Unternehmen funktionieren und wie sie geführt werden. Das Modul befasst sich mit zwei Themenbereichen: (1) mittelständische Unternehmen und ihr wirtschaftliches und gesellschaftliches Umfeld sowie (2) interne Abläufe in mittelständischen Unternehmen.

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Expert Panel on Innovation

The Expert Panel on Innovation of the Heilbronn-Franken Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK Heilbronn-Franken) connects innovation managers from the region, facilitating qualitative exchange of information as well as theoretical insight through collaboration with Prof. Dr. Heinz-Theo Wagner from GGS Heilbronn.

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Heilbronn-Franken Innovation Forum

Events related to the Heilbronn-Franken Innovation Forum take place three times per year. Designed as an exclusive event series on sophisticated business topics, these events consistently surpass expectation. First-rate lecturers offer exciting insights based on their experiences and philosophies. They offer new inspiration to a select circle of representatives from the region, while sharing extraordinary perspectives that go well beyond daily business in the field of innovation.

Heilbronn-Franken Supply Chain Forum

Veranstaltungen rund um das Supply Chain Forum: Heilbronn-Franken finden dreimal pro Jahr statt. Das Forum wurde als event-basierte Networking-Plattform für Entscheider und Spezialisten aus Wissenschaft und Praxis etabliert. Hochklassige Referentinnen und Referenten aus Handel und Industrie geben spannende Eindrücke wie Sie mit aktuellen Trends und Themen des Supply Chain Management umgehen. Insbesondere in Zeiten disruptiver Technologien und innovativer Ideen ist der Austausch über die operative Umsetzung neuer Geschäftsmodelle entlang der gesamten Supply Chain von besonderer Bedeutung. Somit bietet das Supply Chain Forum: Heilbronn-Franken Raum für Inspiration und themenrelevanten Austausch für interessierte Entscheider der Region über deren Grenzen hinaus.

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Executive Education

Seminars for Professionals

Modern leadership competence is measured not only in terms of professional knowledge but also in terms of personal characteristics and skills. The ability to motivate and persuade others and to handle conflicts well is just one example among many. Strengthen your leadership competence in the field of innovation through our soft skills series.

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