This overview shows current and past events related to the Institute for Innovation. We welcome prominent entrepreneurs and speakers of national and international repute to the Innovation Forum and the Supply Chain Forum. We offer many opportunities to learn about sophisticated management topics from the vantage point of both research and practice.

Current Events

At this time, there are no events to display. 

Past Events

02 Nov 2016Innovation Forum
Topic: "Design Thinking: Innovations for a Complex World"
Stefan Ney
D-Fellow at the HPI School of Design Thinking, Potsdam
06 Jul 2016Supply Chain Forum & Innovation Forum
Topic: "Industrie 4.0 – Schunk on the Road to Digitalization"
Dr. Jörg Elser
Speaker for the Technical Executives of SCHUNK GmbH & Co.KG
03 May 2016Supply Chain Forum
Topic: "Levers of Optimization and Success Factors for Supply Chain Organizations in Discrete Manufacturing"
Patrick Wolf
CAMELOT Management Consultants AG
16 Feb 2016Innovation Forum
Topic: "Drivers of Digital Innovation"
Dr.-Ing. Manfred Langen
Principal Key Expert in Social Collaboration for Siemens AG, Munich
27 Oct 2015Innovation Forum
Topic: "Design Thinking as a Creative Innovation Method"
Alexander Gross
Founder and CEO of Bashiru GmbH in Munich
08 Oct 2015Supply Chain Forum
Topic: "Logistics 4.0 and Future Prospects for Bechtle-Logistik Using the Pick-by-Vision Concept"
Klaus Kratz
Bechtle Logistik und Service GmbH
02 Jul 2015Innovation Forum
Topic: "Economic Espionage and Spying on the Competition - Dangers for the Milltelstand"
Walter Opfermann
State Office for Protection of the Constitution
12 Feb 2015Innovation Forum
Topic: "Product Piracy in the Automobile Spare Parts Market"
Philipp Ohl, Behr Hella Service GmbH, and Matthias Berger, Fieldfisher