Current Events

October 24 2019 Heilbronn Talks. “Success with business model innovation” by Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Müller and Janina Kose (EnBW)

Past Events

June 17 2019 Founders Meetup
April 10 2019 17. Heilbronner Startup Meetup
February 15 2019 Business model innovation in the fintech industry – talk by Sebastian Klapper (FINLEX)
November 29 2018 Start-ups/Grown-ups: Agile business processes
November 15 2018 16. Heilbronner Startup Meetup
October 11 2018 Heilbronn Talks. »Entrepreneurial thinking to increase innovative power« by Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Müller and Jürgen Hartmann (Image Development Systems)
September 25 2018 15. Heilbronner Startup Meetup
July 12 2018 Start-ups/Grown-ups: Working together with generation Y
June 18 2018 14. Heilbronner Startup Meetup
April 12 2018 13. Heilbronn Startup Meetup
February 26 2018 12. Heilbronn Startup Meetup
December 18 2017 11. Heilbronn Startup Meetup
November 17 2017 Movie Night »She started it« and Discussion
November 9 2017 Heilbronn Talks: Corporate leadership
Talk by Prof. Dr. Tomás Bayón and Patrick Ulmer about »Customer Co-Creation«
October 5 2017 10. Heilbronn Startup Meetup
September 28 2017 Heilbronn Talks: Corporate leadership
Talk by Saliya Kahawatte zu »Entrpreneurial Resilience«
Introduction by Dr. Jessica Di Bella
July 14 2017 Startup-Summit Baden Württemberg, Landesmesse Stuttgart
Presentation of the entrepreneurship activities of GGS by Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Müller
July 4 2017 Lecture and panel discussion with the Junior Chamber Heilbronn-Franken
May 30 2017 Signing of »Charta der Vielfalt« (diversity charter), 5th German Diversity Day
Pancel discussion with Prof. Dr. Markus Vodosek
March 23 März 2017 9. Heilbronn Startup Meetup
March 16 2017 Heilbronn Talks: Corporate leadership
Talk by David Siekaczek about “Employer branding as a factor to increase competitiveness – how a start-up facilitates the establishment of company day-care centers in SMEs”
introduction by Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Müller
November 24 2016 Heilbronn Talks: Corporate leadership
Talk by Ute Blindert about “Tackle, Decide, Do! How I discovered the company for me”
introduction by Dr. Jessica Di Bella
October 26 2016 Equity Forum, Cancer Immunotherapy – a STANDARD emerging!
October 26 2016 ARD topic week “Future of work”, Digital Camp Berlin with Dr. Jessica Di Bella,
October 19 2016 Presenting of the prestigious Corporate Startup Awards with Dr. Jochen Becker in the jury
October 11 2016 8. Heilbronn Startup Meetup
September 16 2016 Berlin Extension – Factory, The Institutional and Cultural Context of Entrepreneurship, Berlin, Extension Workshop before the Strategic Management Society Annual Conference
August 2 2016 7. Heilbronn Startup Meetup
June 9 2016 Heilbronn Talks: Corporate leadership
Talk by Coelestina Kurzrock-Juschkus about “Diversity is vital – the Rolls-Royce Germany WoMen´s Network”
introduction by Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Müller
June 6/7 2016 Co-organization of the 3rd International ZEW Conference on the Dynamics of Entrepreneurship, Mannheim
June 7 2016 Diversity Tag, IHK Düsseldorf, Key Note “Diversity Management in SMEs: Opportunity and Challenge” by Prof. Dr. Markus Vodosek
May 10 2016 6. Heilbronn Startup Meetup
February 23 2016 5. Heilbronn Startup Meetup
February 19-21 2016 Co-organization of the 19th conference of the International Organizations Network, Stanford Universitytd>
February 12-14 2016 Startup Weekend Food, Heilbronn