Research at GGS

Stay curious, always look for new insights, discuss your work with others, and implement your results: Whoever keeps these practices will have lasting success. This holds especially true for research into the disciplines of management and law with their constantly changing contexts. Following these principles, we conduct research to learn what enables firms to achieve long-term market dominance. We focus in particular on the impact of innovation, entrepreneurship, and compliance.

Institute for Innovation

We study the behaviours of people who generate innovation successfully, the attributes of organizations and the business environments. more

Institute for Entrepreneurship

The Institute for Entrepreneurship explores topics surrounding the establishment, financing and management of companies. more

Institute for Compliance and Corporate Law

We analyze issues related to compliance and corporate law as well to corporate social responsibility and business ethics issues. more


Excellent researchers need to be able to share discoveries and deliver them where they can be used. more

Research Events

Up-to-date research results and a direct exchange of ideas are at the focal point of our research events. Upcoming course dates are here. more

Doctoral Program

„Dynamic Capabilities and Relationships“ is the collaborative doctoral program between the European University Viadrina and the GGS. more