Die Dozenten an der GGS sind beliebte Interviewpartner für Journalisten zu Management- und Rechtsthemen. Hier ist Prof. Heinz-Theo Wagner im Interview mit L-TV.

Our Experts

You need an expert for an interview or a service text, a statement for a report, a television segment or sound clip for radio? You'll find what you're looking for here. The experts from the German Graduate School of Management and Law will answer all your business, law, and management questions.

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Prof. Dr. Tomás Bayón

Your expert in customer management and higher education policy and management  

Dr. Tomás Bayón is Professor of Marketing and Service Management as well as Academic Dean of GGS. He will gladly address your questions, such as: Which customers should I invest in strategically? How does customer management impact a company's success? Is customer management relevant to financial markets? How does private and public status affect higher education? What quality control measures are applied in higher education?

Prof. Dr. Alexandra von Bismarck

Your expert for trademark and competition law

Dr. Alexandra von Bismarck is Professor of German and European Business Law, Intellectual Property, Information and Communications Law. In addition, she heads the Institute of Corporate Law and Compliance Management at GGS. What is allowed under trademark law? Haribo vs. Lindt – How do we interpret current competition disputes? What about trademark parodies and satire of competitors – what is permissible? What concepts can you truly protect by trademark?

Prof. Dr. Andreas Eckhardt

Your expert in recruiting and human resources management

Dr. Andreas Eckhardt is Professor of Human Resources Management at GGS. He pays close attention to trends in recruiting and investigates human behavioural patterns, for example in the use of IT. How much does emotional content on recruiting websites influence potential applicants? What are the latest innovations in recruiting and do they work in practice? What is ideal IT support for human resources management? How is social media used differently in organizations and in personal spheres? How can you create a sustainable employer brand internally and externally? What are the negative results of excessive IT use, and is Facebook addictive? Professor Eckhardt knows that answers and speaks with direct relevance to the workplace.

Prof. Dr. Sebastian Müller

Ihr Experte für Kapitalmärkte & Anlegerverhalten

Dr. Sebastian Müller ist Professor für Unternehmensfinanzierung an der GGS. In seiner Forschung beschäftigt er sich mit den Themen empirische Kapitalmarktforschung, Asset Management, Behavioral Finance und Investorenverhalten. Sein Ziel ist es, verhaltenstheoretisch fundierte Erklärungen zum Geschehen an den Finanzmärkten zu liefern. Er ist Ansprechpartner für  folgende Fragen: Wie funktioniert die Preisbildung auf Kapitalmärkten? Wie sollten Investoren ihr Geld aus theoretischer Perspektive anlegen? Was sind typische Anlegerfehler und wie lassen diese sich vermeiden? Welchen Einfluss haben Medien auf Finanzmärkte?

Prof. Dr. Martin Schulz, LL.M. (Yale)

Your expert for compliance, private law and business law

Dr. Martin Schulz is Professor of German and International Private and Corporate Law at GGS. He addresses questions about legal boundaries and the pitfalls of business, and he evaluates pertinent cases. How do firms manage legal risks such as corruption? Which companies and boards of directors need to catch up in terms of upholding legal and personal principles? How are firms organized in legal terms? How should firms react in crisis situations? How do you avoid risk?

Prof. Markus Vodosek, PhD

Your expert in strategic management and leading people

Dr. Markus Vodosek is Professor of Strategic Management and Leadership at GGS and Academic Director of the MBA in General Management. He handles questions all around the topic of management: How can firms achieve lasting competitive advantage? How can executives effectively manage their staff, colleagues and superiors? How do you motivate employees? What leadership competencies are necessary in the global business context? How do you conduct results-driven negotiations? How do you manage conflict constructively? What's behind effective teamwork? Professor Vodosek is also your partner to discuss the value of an MBA.