Feedback from our International Summer Academy

»The International Summer Academy was an amazing opportunity to hear from highly successful German Mittelstand companies about their recipes for success. As I continue to reflect on the trip, I am constantly remembering valuable insights that I can integrate into my current position to help improve my company’s performance. Germany is a beautiful country, and I will remember this trip for the rest of my life!«
Rebecca Sitten, MBA Student, University of South Florida St. Petersburg (USA), Participant of ISA 2017

»GGS provided me with a fantastic educational and cultural experience. Getting to interact with students from across the globe as well as seeing how Mittelstand companies operate will be something I won´t forget.« 
Matt Chigioji, MBA Student, Indiana University, Kelley School of Business (USA), Participant of ISA 2017

»This has been one of the highlights of my MBA program. I have learnt a lot about business, culture and met students from around the world. «
Tsire Mushoma, MBA Student, University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg Wits Business School (ZA), Participant of ISA 2017

»The program enabled myself to get an impression of how students from other countries considers our way of doing business. Personally I think I learned even more than the internationals, because my perspective on “German Values” and strengths improved very much. That will help me shaping my management profile in the future.«
Martin Krenz, MBA Student, German Graduate School of Management and Law, Participant of ISA 2017

»My week in Heilbronn with GGS was an eye-opening and inspirational experience. I gained a new appreciation for the importance of Mittelstand companies and the diverse cultural perspectives of the other students participating in the International Summer Academy.«
Heidi Ritt, Indiana University, Kelley School of Business (USA), Participant of ISA 2016

»Studying at GGS gave me a whole new perspective on culture, business, and key company components that are needed for success. Before coming I had never heard of the Mittelstand. My view on business is now completely changed!«
Crystal Daus, MBA Student, University of South Florida St. Petersburg (USA), Participant of ISA 2015

»It was one of the best academic experiences I ever had during my career. I would definitely do it again.«
Marcelo Campo, EMBA Student, IBMEC Rio de Janeiro (BRA), Participant of ISA 2015

»This program gives me a lot of new knowledge and experiences both in terms of technical and social understanding.«
Saranya Wongpraparat, MBA Student, College of Management Mahidol University (TH), participant of ISA 2015