GGS International

At GGS we are committed to developing our students' intercultural sensibilities for leadership assignments in the global context. We have built a network of select foreign schools in Europe, North America, Africa, and Asia to provide exchange opportunities for GGS students, including the chance to enrol in modules at partner schools. In return, GGS invites students from partner institutions to attend selected courses and programmes in Heilbronn.

GGS International also means that GGS professors conduct teaching and research at partner schools and other universities, while guest faculty from overseas institutions come to GGS to teach and do research. Above and beyond these activities, the GGS faculty remains in rigorous dialogue with the international research community.

Gemeinsam mit der Leeds University bietet die German Graduate School of Management and Law den Studiengang MSc in Management an.

Partner Schools

GGS has built a select network of excellent partner schools and maintains contacts on all continents. more

Study Abroad

Intercultural experience: Our students can take part in selected study programmes at partner institutions. more

Der Bildungscampus der Dieter Schwarz Stiftung im Herzen Heilbronns steht für lebenslanges Lernen. Die GGS bietet berufsbegleitende Master-Studiengänge in Management und Recht.

Visiting GGS

GGS invites MBA students from partner schools to attend selected modules of our MBA programme.  more

Bei der alljährlichen International Summer Academy an der GGS in Heilbronn dreht sich alles um den interkulturellen Austausch und den deutschen Mittelstand.

International Summer Academy (ISA)

The ISA is a unique intercultural experience for GGS students and guest students alike. The focus of the summer programme is on Germany's Mittelstand companies. more

International Study Tour (IST)

Whether Brazil, China, or South Africa, the annual study tour gives students and Alumni deep insight into culture, business and society in the host country. more

Teaching & Research Abroad

Academic exchange with our visiting faculty about teaching and research is a central objective for GGS. more