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Pursue an M.Sc. in Logistics while you work –
Become an expert in Supply Chain Management

The M.Sc. in Management – Retail Logistics prepares you for future leadership tasks.

In retail, the deciding factors for business success are procurement, turnover, and distribution. With the part-time M.Sc. in Management – Retail Logistics at GGS, you will prepare for future leadership tasks in retail, logistics, and supply chain management! The part-time M.Sc. in Logistics at GGS awaits you with a challenging programme of study in one of the future's hottest industries.

Structure of the Programme

In this innovative curriculum, General Management modules alternate with specialization modules in Retail Logistics. After receiving a foundation in economics and law, you go on the the module "Law in Retail Logistics" to deepen your knowledge. By interconnecting General Management and specialized know-how, we promote the transfer of learning substantially.

Our part-time Master's in Logistics allows you to combine job and degree studies optimally. The programme takes 24 months, of which you have a total of four months' time to complete your master's thesis. Your courses take place on 16 weekends, with five one-week residencies. The modules are listed in the Overview. For a more exact idea of the on-campus dates, please consult our Lecture Schedule.

During the Introductory Workshop for the M.Sc. in Management, the characteristics of successful and responsibility-oriented leaders will be analyzed and compared with your own personality profile. With this background, you will set your development goals. At the halfway point, you will evaluate where you stand. During the Final Workshop, you will reflect on the progress you have made in your own personal development.

Specialized Course Modules

The part-time Logistics master's degree contains the following six Specialized Course Modules: Retail and Procurement Management, Cooperation and Verticalization in Value Creation, Concepts and Methods of Retail Logistics, Law for Retail Logistics, Information Systems for Retail Logistics, and Distribution Logistics.

Target Group

The M.Sc. in Management – Retail Logistics is designed for bachelor's graduates in the areas of business administration, economics, industrial engineering, business information systems or similar fields.

With our part-time master's in Logistics, you develop the optimal qualifications to take on leadership responsibility in retail or manufacturing firms, for example as a supply chain manager in the following areas:

  • Purchasing
  • Merchandise group management in procurement or sales/marketing
  • Warehouse logistics & branch logistics
  • Production planning & production scheduling
  • Project management in logistics
  • Branch management for logistics firms 
  • Transport management

Student Profile

Who are our students? Here are some statistics about the student profiles in previous years:


The M.Sc. in Management – Retail Logistics has many reasons to commend it. Here's an overview of the four most important advantages:

  • Directly after your bachelor's degree: You can begin the master's in Logistics immediately after receiving your bachelor's, without work experience. That way you don't lose any time on your way to becoming a Supply Chain Management expert.

  • State-of-the-art knowledge: Our specialists provide you with the latest knowledge from business practice. Our instructors are not only teachers; they also distinguish themselves through research activities. The latest trends and research results from Retail Logistics flow directly into their instruction.

  • Leadership Development: Through targeted workshops, we support you to be ready for leadership responsibility in Retail, Logistics, and Supply Chain Management, and we're with you step by step as you develop your leadership skills.

  • Excellent preparation for pursuing a doctorate: The academic rigor of the M.Sc. in Management is optimal preparation for undertaking a doctoral degree.

You can read more good reasons for the GGS Logistics degree here.


Fibaa Akkreditierung

The M.Sc. in Management - Retail Logistics is FIBAA-accredited at 90 ECTS.

FIBAA is an internationally-oriented European accreditation agency promoting quality assurance and quality development in higher education. The agency focuses on educational programmes in economics, law, and the social sciences. FIBAA awards its seal of quality to high-quality educational programmes and institutions.

FIBAA accreditation assures that our part-time M.Sc. in Logistics will fulfill your requirements and that you will receive a degree that meets the highest established standards for quality.

Overview: M.Sc. in Management – Retail Logistics

Target groupGraduates with bachelor's degrees in business/economics
Programme duration24 months (incl. master's thesis)
TuitionEvery student admitted to the programme receives a 50% scholarship from the Dieter Schwarz Foundation. The total cost is thus reduced from 18,000 Euros to an individual responsibility of 9,000 Euros.
Format16 weekend modules + 5 week-long residencies
LanguageGerman, max. 15 % English

If you would like additional information or have questions about the part-time M.Sc. in Logistics, our staff is happy to assist you at any time. Give us a call, send us an email or make an appointment for a consultation.

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