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Master's in Innovation Management, part-time – 
Develop Your Ideas and Create the Future

Our M.Sc. in Management – Innovation and Technology Management offers you the know-how to steer successful innovation and technology processes.

Through the part-time Master of Science in Management with an emphasis on Innovation and Technology Management, you will be ready to serve as a technology-savvy manager for an innovation-oriented firm. Our students learn how to achieve significant competitive advantage by developing innovation strategies and implementing product and process innovations through planning, project management, and controlling.

As a graduate holding a Master's in Innovation Management, you will have numerous career opportunities, whether as a junior consultant or marketing analyst or in the area of business development.

In larger firms, our graduates can look forward to positions in product or innovation management, strategic marketing, or as assistant to the CEO. The Master's in Innovation and Technology Management is optimal preparation for leading a family-owned company as well. Smaller firms value graduates as generalists in business development. As an innovation-minded employee, you have the capacity to offer your firm broad support.

The Master's in Innovation Management focuses on questions such as the following:

  • How can you identify and evaluate innovation potential early in the process?
  • How can your company actively engage with changing customer preferences and shortened product life cycles?

  • What methods encourage creative thinking and enthusiasm for innovation in a company's culture?

  • How can developments in Industry 4.0 be translated into workable business models?

  • What methods offer effective legal protections to ensure competitive advantage for your company's innovations?

Structure of the Programme

The innovative curriculum follows a structure of general management modules in alternation with specialized modules in innovation and technology management. For example, you begin by studying fundamentals of economics and law before later deepening your knowledge in the module "Law in Innovation and Technology Management". This duality of general management and specialized know-how greatly facilitates the transfer of learning.

Our part-time Master's in Innovation Management enables an optimal way to combine career and education. The degree programme takes 24 months. You have four months to complete your master's thesis. Your courses take place on 18 weekends, with five one-week residencies. The modules are listed in the Overview. For a more exact idea of the on-campus dates, please consult our Lecture Schedule.

During the Introductory Workshop for the M.Sc. in Management, the characteristics of successful and responsibility-oriented leaders will be analyzed and compared with your own personality profile. With this background, you will set your development goals. At the halfway point, you will evaluate where you stand. At the completion of your Master's in Innovation Management, you will reflect during the Final Workshop on the your progress in your own personal development.

Specialized Course Modules

The M.Sc. in Management – Innovation und Technology Management is organized around the following topics:

Target Group

The M.Sc. in Management – Innovation and Technology Management is designed for bachelor's graduates in the areas of business administration, economics, industrial engineering, business information systems or similar fields.

The degree is particularly interesting for future executives who want to combine academic rigor with business practice at innovation-oriented companies.

Student Profile

Who are our students? Here are some statistics about our student profiles in previous years:


There are numerous reasons why the Master's in Innovation Management is a good idea. We would like to present four of them here:

  • Immediately after your bachelor's: The Master's in Innovation Management is one of the few programmmes in Germany that enables you to start a degree, directly after your bachelor's, while you work.
  • Cutting-edge Knowledge: In addition to their teaching, our faculty are distinguished by their considerable research activities. The latest trends and research from the field of innovation and technology management flow directly into their lectures.

  • Leadership Development: Through targeted workshops, we prepare you for managerial responsibility in product and process management.

  • Excellent Preparation for Doctoral Studies: The academic demands of the M.Sc. in Management prepare you optimally to pursue a doctoral degree in the future.

Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Müller
Leiterin des Schwerpunkts M.Sc. in Management – Innovations- und Technologiemanagement

"The ability to innovate products and processes is an increasingly decisive factor in the success of firms in the market. The important difference is employees who know their products, technologies, and processes and also have the necessary management skills to move innovation processes toward the goal. The Innovation and Technology emphasis conveys the necessary concepts and methods to qualify students for future management roles in this field."

More good reasons for choosing the part-time degree in Innovation and Technology Management at GGS are available here.


The M.Sc. in Management - Innovation and Technology Management is FIBAA-accredited at 90 ECTS. FIBAA is an internationally-oriented European accreditation agency promoting quality assurance and quality development in higher education. The agency focuses on educational programmes in economics, law, and the social sciences. FIBAA awards its seal of quality to high-quality educational programmes and institutions.

FIBAA accreditation assures that our part-time M.Sc. in Innovation Management will fulfill your requirements and that you will receive a degree that meets the highest established standards for quality.

Overview: M.Sc. in Management ‒ Innovation and Technology Management

Target group Graduates with bachelor's degrees in business, economics, industrial engineering, business information systems, or similar
Duration 24 Months (incl. master's thesis)
Tuition Every student admitted to the programme receives a 50% scholarship from the Dieter Schwarz Foundation, reducing the total cost of 18,000 Euros to an individual responsibility of 9,000 Euros.
Format Weekend modules (approx. every three weeks) + 4-5 week-long residencies
Language German, max. 15 % English

If you would like additional information or have questions about the part-time M.Sc. in Innovation Management, our staff is happy to assist you at any time. Give us a call, send us an email or make an appointment for a consultation.

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