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Education as Investment

Educational Funds follow a different idea. Backed by private and institutional investors, they enable selected students to have an efficient and fully focussed educational experience by providing financial support for tuition and living costs as well as support for periods of study in other countries.

While the student is enrolled, he/she receives an agreed upon monthly sum. There is no firm amount to be repaid and also no interest. Instead, the loan recipient repays a previously determined percentage of his/her actual income once the degree has been completed. A loan recipient who earns little or nothing repays little or nothing. This represents an advantage in times of minimal earnings, unemployment, or family leave. High earners, by contrast, repay at a higher rate, according to their ability.

In collaboration with the investment company Festo Bildungsfonds, GGS offers funding for your education for which you agree to an income-based repayment of the accumulated costs after you complete your degree. In practical terms: Get your degree now, and later, after your career leap, pay back the remaining amounts for tuition and/or living costs.

The Festo financing option provides much more than the sort of loan you can get from a bank. "As an alternative to classical financing, Festo Bildungsfonds offers risk-free and innovative income-based financing plus a comprehensive, individualised and career-oriented qualification programme connected to an interesting network of innovative businesses and universities," explains Dr. Peter Speck, Director of the Festo Bildgunsfonds, Professor at the University of Stuttgart.

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