Admissions Day

You get to know us – We get to know you!

Apply now for a master's programme at the German Graduate School of Management and Law (GGS). Once you have met the formal requirements for enrolment in your selected degree programme, we will invite you to a one-day Admissions Day in Heilbronn.

Admissions Day is our chance to determine a good fit. During the day, applicants get to know our business school and some members of our faculty. We, in turn, can learn more about prospective students by meeting you in person and exploring what motivates you to study at GGS.

Your own Admissions Day could go something like this:

After a greeting from GGS and round of introductions, which takes place with four observers, we will start off with a short group exercise and a role play. Over lunch, you will have the chance to speak with your potential future classmates as well as our professors. After lunch, we will conduct individual admissions interviews in English.

At the close of the Admissions Day, we will meet with you personally to let you know our decision about your admission to the programme and to offer you feedback on the day.

Scholarships from the Dieter Schwarz Foundation will be requested immediately for all successful candidates. Your acceptance packet will be sent as soon as the scholarship is approved.

On Admissions Day, of course, you will have the opportunity to view our classrooms, library and cafeteria as well as the rest of the Campus for Lifelong Learning.

During your day on campus, please feel free to ask any questions you have about our business school and our programmes of study. We invest time in the selection of our students. We would be delighted if the day results in your own admission.

Applicant Feedback

»Admissions Day is not your typical assessment center. Rather, the atmosphere is friendly and free of competitive pressures, the conversations with other pariticpants and professors are sincere, and the group and individual exercises reflect genuine business practice. Personally, I think it's most important on this day to stay true to yourself and be who you are. My Admissions Day definitely put GGS ahead in my decision process.« Christiane Ballreich, MBA in General Management

»I prepared myself for Admissions Day fully as I would for a job interview. Despite the excitement and desire for admission, you need to present yourself as you are. Direct contact with the professors was especially important, as were the individual feedback session and the opportunity to meet my future classmates.« Colleen Brüssel, LL.M. in Business Law

»I had quite a lot of respect for the Admissions Day. Without comparable experience – back then I simply registered at the University of Hamburg without any entrance exam – I assumed this would be some sort of assessment center, about which I found extensive information online. Overwhelmed by all the advice, I tried to focus on what a so-called observer might be looking for. What would I ask a candidate? How would I determine his interest in postgraduate studies? I was pleased that the day itself was relaxing and straightforward. The exercises were all manageable and simply required concentration, authenticity, and motivation. The observers conveyed a very friendly and positive attitude. Clearly, this is not a typical assessment center, although there are certain similarities. I am looking forward to beginning classes at GGS!« Markus Alexander Weinert, LL.M. in Legal Management