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Good Reasons

Here's why the part-time Leeds MSc for working professionals is the right programme for you:

  • Access to the Leeds original--Take classes in Heilbronn and earn your master's from a renowned British university.
  • Top faculty from LUBS--We bring in highly qualified teaching staff from Leeds with consulting experience and research expertise in management studies.
  • A master's programme, right after your bachelor's!--Open to students with a first degree in any field of study. No prior work experience required.
  • Part-time programme for working professionals--Working during the week while studying on weekends is an ideal way to grow professionally and personally.
  • Real-Life Learning--Students learn interactively based on their own experiences.
  • Small course sizes--Our course groups never exceed 25 students; this keeps us flexible and student focused.
  • Work-life balance--We understand the challenges of juggling job, private life, and a part-time MSc programme. Through comprehensive student services and individualised attention we support you all the way.
  • The Leeds Week--Take part in an action-packed week of academic and social activities in Leeds.
  • Alumni Association--Lifelong networking with both GGS and LUBS.
  • Generous scholarships--Students receive a 50% scholarship from the Dieter Schwarz Foundation.
Tjark Kiefer

Tjark Kiefer, Alumnus MSc
Development Engineer - Transmission Systems, Daimler AG, Stuttgart

«With my master's degree in Business Management I can look beyond my own perceptions as a development engineer and better understand, even challenge, decisions of management. ...The MSc programme at GGS exceeded my expectations. Along with acquiring business knowledge, I made big strides in my personal development. It feels like a habit now to be confident and self-assured in my interactions, and what I once called weaknesses have been turned into strengths.»


Nourdine Abderrahmane

Nourdine Abderrahmane, Alumnus
Junior Consultant, Credit Suisse AG, Zürich

«When I was looking for a suitable business school for my part-time MSc, I had criteria such as an international focus, English as the language of instruction, and a management-oriented curriculum. Beyond these qualities, GGS won me over with its dedicated and ambitious team, solid infrastructure, clear sense of purpose, and attractive price-value ratio. A pleasant learning environment, challenging and engaging topics of study, and my personal identification with the ideals espoused by GGS have further convinced me that I made the right choice.»

Laura Göttner

Laura Göttner, Student
Recruitment Consultant, Computer Futures, Stuttgart

«Deciding to study at GGS has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. Our weekend lectures contain information on managerial practices and opportunities to apply our knowledge in case studies. Every professor brings real-life experience and particular business practices from around the world and presents these ideas to the class in an atmosphere that encourages the enhancement of our own personal skills.»