We enable the combination of networking and personal education with events and seminars in a relaxed atmosphere.

We differentiate our offerings into business and social events. Our business events strive to provide an additional academic and practice focused benefit, which is transported by strong personalities from research and practice.

To achieve this we use various tools including:

  • Company Visits (Ritter Sport, Tripsdrill, Bakery Härdtner etc.)
  • Workshops on Current Topics (Proper Business Behaviour, Stress-Management etc.)
  • Alumni Management Lounge
  • Key Note Speaker Presentations

Our social events clearly focus on networking and fun, which results in a great overlap to the sports department. We invite our members to get to know each other in a relaxed atmosphere and being active together.

In this department we offer events such as:

  • Tournaments (Golf, Tennis, etc.)
  • Trips (Skiing, Wine Hike, VfB Stadium Tour, etc.)
  • Regular Come-Together

Veranstaltungen 2019

Grillgott - Von der Grundtechnik des Grillens zum Genuss 21.09.2019 Grillgott Obersulm-Willsbach

Wochenend-Event - Management von (Groß-) Projekten 12/13.10.2019 Fraport AG / 25hours Hotel The Goldman