Lars Olschewski

Birthday: 01.01.1993

Work History

  • 08/2013 - 09/2016: GreenCycle GmbH (Schwarz Group) Waste and Recycling Management - Degree in ERP and logistics
  • 10/2016 - today: GreenCycle GmbH (Schwarz Group)  Waste and Recycling Management – Plastics and waste paper recycling

GGS Course

M.Sc. in Management – Innovation and Technology Management

Alumni Member

I became a member in december 2017 after meeting Gustl at the «Arbeitsmarktforum» in Neckarsulm. He quickly convinced me to join. In january 2019 I also became a board member.


«After my studies I would like to actively participate in the activities of the Alumni-Association and the GGS in order not only to profit from the offers but also to give something back. In addition, I get the opportunity to remain a part of the special community and culture of the university. The contact and exchange with the current and former students give me great insights and views from different industries, cultures and nationalities.»

What I want for the association

«I hope that we can continue to maintain the intensive exchange and the high-class events in order to do justice to the core of the association in the best possible way: Create networks and promote communication with each other. In this way we cancontinue to be a lively part of the German Graduate School.»