Who we are, what we do

Our Mission

We are an innovative business school with emphases on management and business law, located in Heilbronn in the midst of one of Germany’s most successful economic regions.

With our core competency in degree programs and continuing education for working professionals, we aim to reach responsible-minded and high-performing individuals.

In a globalized, complex, and dynamic economy, we educate professionals, executives, entrepreneurs, and the next generation of leaders by building the professional qualifications and personal strength they need to perform responsibly and successfully.

We investigate the success factors in management and business law and generate new insights especially into our core topics of innovation, entrepreneurship, and compliance.

We strengthen the region of Heilbronn, providing substantial contributions to sustainable business success, especially in the Mittelstand (SMEs).

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Statement of Values

All members of the University (faculty, staff and students) are committed to upholding individually and collectively the highest ethical standards: honesty, fairness, trust, respect and integrity.

GGS’s Strategic Values:

  • Responsibility: We are guided by the appreciation of sustainable economic growth and the well-being of society, the environment, and the workforce.

  • Research-orientation: We excel at research and systematically use the results achieved by our research community to create value for business practice.

  • Relevance: We maintain an intensive exchange with companies and address ourselves to the relevant needs of business practice.

  • Engagement: We pursue promising opportunities for research projects, degree programs, and executive education offerings, and we engage in active and professional market cultivation.

  • Excellence: We hold ourselves and the people we work with to high standards and commit ourselves to continuous improvement in order to keep our performance at its highest level.

  • Innovation: We are innovative in our choice of topics and through our research, our educational formats, our collaborations, and our way of teaching and learning.

Heilbronn Declaration

Responsible thinking and action are not only a core value in our mission but also a lived part of our teaching and research. As signatories of the Heilbronn Declaration we commit ourselves to our social responsibility. After two years of intensive interaction among the signatories of the declaration, we present our Responsibility Report, in which we make our CSR activities public. At the same time, we take the report as a starting point for the continued responsible development of GGS.