The GGS Faculty

We are an innovative business school specialising in management and law. A state-recognised private school, we provide flexibility and individualised attention as well as the conveniences of a modern campus.


Take advantage of the academic and practice-oriented expertise of our professors, guest professors, and lecturers, who will tailor their teaching to your needs. Place your own potential in their hands as they accompany and support you in your development as a responsible business leader. more

Eva Messenbrink

Research Associates

Our research associates support both research and practice and provide numerous other services. Taking care of individuals is important to us – whether it's questions you have, or help you need, whether it's about the day-to-day or specifially about academics … more

Edmund Prater

Visiting Faculty

Through our close international relationships you will have access to a range of highly qualified experts from leading universities around the world. Well over 50 guest professors and lecturers offer an extraordinary wealth of knowledge and experience. more