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Ever wondered what it’s like to do a Master of Laws at GGS? This is your chance. more

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We educate responsible leaders in management and law. Our weekend format makes it possible to integrate studies and career. more

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Your advantage: We support every student we admit with a scholarship from the Dieter Schwarz Foundation. more

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Top international faculty from leading business schools as well as rewarding international study programmes await our students. more

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We conduct research on the factors that lead to business success and generate knowledge about our core themes of Innovation, Compliance, and Entrepreneurship. more


Wer Daten hat, macht sich angreifbar

Beim Symposium »IT Compliance und Cyber Security« diskutierten Experten an der Schnittstelle von Technik und Recht. more


USA-Abend am 8. März

Wirtschaftspolitische Diskussionen in Zeiten von America first stehen im Mittelpunkt der nächsten Heilbronner Gespräche. more


Alumni-Verein: Mit voller Power ins neue Jahr

Jahresauftakt mit Hauptversammlung – Energiegeladener Vortrag von Physiker Dr. Sascha Ott. more


Vom Trolli bis Drachenboot: Sportkalender 2018

Auftakt im neuen Sportjahr macht der Trollinger Marathon im Mai. more


Vorgeschmack auf das Masterstudium

Einführungswochenende für den neuen Leeds-Kurs. more



Institute for Innovation

Innovation is the motor of our economy and society. We study study the behaviours of people who generate and manage innovation successfull and the attributes of organizations that provide optimal conditions for innovation. more

Institute for Entrepreneurship

We explore topics surrounding the establishment, financing and management of companies. The Institute is also concerned with the strengthening of entrepreneurial thinking in existing companies. more

Institute for Compliance and Corporate Law

Compliance management plays an increasingly critical role for firms and their stakeholders. Beyond fundamental questions about organizational structure, we explore central questions of business law, business ethics, and CSR. more